Three Problems in Stamping Modl

    Stamping is one of the practical process of parts production in large quantities.Only on the basis of these hub points.

Affecting product lead time.Stamping production smoothly, direct effects on production efficiency and cost.Stamping production process, mold caused the most problems, it is the most important factor in stamping production elements as a whole.The problems of mold focus on mold damage, product defects and die sharpening, long bothered industry production.

        Fault is  most likely to occur in the stamping mold problems, often caused by production, affect the production cycle. Therefore, the mold must be found as soon as possible the cause, reasonable maintenance.


1.Mold damage

        Mold damage is the mold cracked and broken, rolling out, and address the issue of mold damage, required tooling design, manufacturing process and use to looking for the reason.If caused by foreign bodies into the mold, parts overlap obstruction of, waste may not be processed in a timely manner, inheritance processing production, easily damaged die blanking plate, punch, the next template and guide post.Low sprang force or high set of unequal height, tilt will make spring break, blanking plate. Duplication rush hit and damaged parts.Die quenching temperature through high, quenching methods and times was not accurate, as well as tempering times and temperatures, improper elbow will result after entering the stamping mold damage.Punch fixing or screw strength is not enough.  Lead punch dropped or broken.Working height adjustment is too low, insufficient lubrication of guide pins.Typically, effect of heat treatment of die materials on it is very big.Design of falling material size or depth of the hole is not enough, easily slot obstruction, resulting in blanking plate is damaged.Molds used, replacement parts, installation error, or bad bolt.


2.Getting stuck

        The main reason causing card mode are: incorrect mold orientation, tilt. Otherwise, it will expand the fault, resulting in mold damage.Die deformation, such as punch, hardness and thickness design of the template is too small to easily by the external impact deformation mold install not allowed, mold position error of the variance. Should the progressive punch strength, reinforced stripper plates boot protection.

        Precision of the press is so bad, make the interference; punch intensity, size of punch was too close to the mold side force imbalance.Stamping process, once the mold clamping is not flexible, or jammed, it was necessary to immediately stop producing, find the problems of getting stuck and troubleshooting.


3.Mold damage and Repair

        Stamping mold of the high cost. Mold cost usually accounts for the total cost of components 1/5-1/4. 70% repair cost more than original cost of stamping dies, or die.When mold maintenance technology is too complex, the repair cost is too large, difficult maintenance cycle will result in long, serious affecting the normal production of stamping, early failure you should choose scrapped, reproduce the mold.

        Generally, mold damage, there is also a maintenance and scrapping of select topics. Therefore, the repair tool in a timely manner to prevent mold damage, can greatly reduce the cost of the stamping.When die hub of serious damage, sometimes the mold and damage.This is because, apart from the mold manufacturing difficult, costly, and non-natural wear of stamping die, such as destruction of the non-hub parts.

        Generally speaking, the stamping of the main failure is excessive wear.New tooling delivereduntil the Burr of stamping parts exceeded, parts, dimensional and geometrical accuracy variance, and mold can no longer be repaired or have no fixed value, the mold can only be scrapped.

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