Specification for welding of sheet metal processing

        1,the requirements of sheet metal processing sheet metal parts before welding 

        a. all raw materials shall not be less than the drawing requirements, or not cutting production.

        b. the requirements of welded steel flatness less than 2/1000, the total curvature of less than 0.3% of the total length.
        c.sheet metal welding, deformation of the parts must be straightened, leveling and then welding.
        d.before welding, should be based on part size, material thickness, weld size requirements of different sizes ranging from the selection of wire thickness.

        2,the reuirements of welding process.
       a. according to the drawings, technology, process requirements for welding, because the drawings are wrong, resulting in the workpiece welding error, re-welding, the pieces by defective.
        b.welding, requiring the bevel of the place must be groove, the workpiece is not groove, or welding profiles, etc., should be used in accordance with the situation groove grinding machine, the need for machining groove should be processed groove processing , And the problem reported to the department heads.
        c.welding should ensure that the workpiece dimensions and shape and position tolerance, non-machined surface position tolerance by IT15 level implementation.
        d.the need for substitutes when welding, sheet metal thickness of less than the drawing requirements, without the written consent of the technical department, can not substitute material.
        e.the welding seam in strict accordance with the drawings, the continuous welding of continuous welding, the intermittent welding must be intermittent welding. If the drawing does not require the length of intermittent welding size, then every interval 50mm welding 8 ~ 10mm, the solder joint must be uniform distance.
        f.continuous welding requirements flat smooth, can not have obvious rugged phenomenon, can not have welding penetration, welding partial, welding scar, stomata, undercut and so on. Weld to the drawing of the welding requirements, whichever is not required to ensure that the welding angle is the minimum thickness of adjacent parts.
        g.after welding: each weld should be polished to remove welding slag, remove the surrounding burr.
        h. the drawings require bending parts, there is no written consent of the technical department, shall not use welding.
        i.sheet metal processing sheet metal parts in the welding process, the need to knock part of the hammer with a small hand-hammer to the required size, not in the sheet metal plane with a hammer to beat.

        3,Post-weld treatment requirements and standards

        a. the weld is smooth, has been scale-like; not appear pile up convex hull, uneven phenomenon.

        b.the workpiece after welding, the appearance of the application of emery cloth re-polished again, there can not feel the presence of stabbing corners; no welding slag, solder joints, burrs, weld should be smooth and smooth. Should ensure that the workpiece "side of Qi, surface flat", including the workpiece on the edge of the vertical parallelism.
        c.box-type workpiece on the surface of the weld shall not be higher than the plane, in principle, putty should be able to cover live, do not see the weld.
        d. for the turnover, especially after welding is no longer processing the plane, must be strictly in the welding protection, to avoid damage to the arc or welding slag damage and uniform under the premise can not be arbitrarily polished.
        e.the need for welding after the blue, electroplated sheet metal parts, welding is completed to meet the relevant requirements, the unified sandblasting. Turnover process should be strictly protected, to avoid scratching scratch, no further grinding treatment.

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