Sheet metal processing in aluminum processing considerations

        Aluminum plate after bending simple crack, perhaps bending is completed by Anodic oxidation burst, many sheet metal processing companies are so confusing, that's how not to crack it?

         First let us know about, causing cracking of aluminum plate after bending a few main reasons and considerations:

1. hardness of aluminum.

        Hardness of aluminum is too high, simply crack. Which select good aluminum major aluminum trade mark and condition. Usually comparing 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series hardness too high, first annealed to o-State only after the bend. There is the quality of aluminum sheet, the same type of aluminum plate imports than domestic material not simple crack, but the information offers you a lot.

2. the thickness of the aluminum plate.

        Too thick aluminum plate is not good bending, we would like to understand, try to use thin aluminum sheet.

3. the size of the angle of bend r.

        R bending angle increases, the success rate is higher, so reducing high angle of bend r is.

4. aluminum texture.

        Texture straight bend direction with aluminum plate, not parallel.

5. demand brushed aluminum parts, in the case of process promises the best is bending and stretching again, otherwise it will add bend cracking of probability.

        Comprehensive treatment of these aspects is good, aluminum bending crack questions will receive better treatment

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