The solutions of Sheet metal bending technology 12 problems

        Sheet metal processing metal bending, riveting, welding and other treatment processes. Following in the bending process of sheet metal processing encountered problems and solutions.

        Question one: bending deflection, dimensional instability


        1, the design process there is no arrangement creasing or bending

        2, material feeding is not enough

        3, punch and corner wear asymmetric or nonuniform bending stress

        4, height dimensions are too small


        1, design pressure or bending technology

        2, increase the pressing force

        3, punch and even polished, rounded

        4, height size cannot be less than the minimum limits of size

        Problem two: after bending the workpiece surface scratches


        1, material surface not smooth

        2, punch the bending radius is too small

        3, bending space too small


        1, increase punch and finish

        2, increasing the punch RADIUS

        3, adjust bending space

        Problem three: bending angle cracks


        1, bending radius is too small

        2, line and bending lines parallel

        3, burrs, rough side out

        4, bad metal plasticity


        1, increase the punch RADIUS

        2, change the blank layout

        3, Burr change in internal round

        4, annealed or soft materials

        Question four: bending deformation

        Reason: using press bent and curved outer arms due to die when the hole location and workpiece surface friction and tension, deformation of positioning hole.


        1, the use of curved

        2, ejector plate pressure

        3, Jia Ma plaid in the ejector plate to increase the friction to prevent the workpieces in bending slide

        Problem five: thinning of the curved surface extrusion material


        1, die round is too small

        2, punch and die clearance is too small


        1, increases the die RADIUS

        2, amended punch clearance

        Issue six: the workpiece end up or uneven


        1, materials in circumferential direction on the outer surface in tension when bending deformation, elongation deformation of surface in the circumferential direction under pressure, which occurred along the direction of bending deflection face up.


       1, parts stamping pressure final stage punch and die should be enough

       2, made with parts outside corner of the die RADIUS

        3, increase process improvement

         Seven: uneven concave bottom


        1, the material itself is not flat

        2, and material contact area is small or the top of the roof material is not enough

        3, die and ejection device


        1, leveling materials

        2, adjust the top devices, increasing the ejection force

        3, increases ejection devices or correction

        4, plus plastic processes

        Question eight: the bending axis of two holes on both sides after the shift

        Reason: materials rebound changing the center line of the bending angle shift


        1, increase the correction process

        2, improvement of bending die structures to reduce material rebound

        Issue nine: bending cannot be guaranteed after the hole location precision


        1, product size is wrong

        2, material due to rebound

        3, positioning is not stable


        1, calculate blank dimensions

        2, increase the correction process or improvement of bending die for forming structure

        3, changes to the processing methods or increase process orientation

        Issue 10: bending lines not parallel with the two-hole Center Online

        Cause: bending height less than minimum bend height limit curve occurs when external expansion


        1, increase the bending height dimensions

        2, improved bending process

        Question 11: bending width deformation curve in the width direction of arch deflection

         Reason: because the workpiece width inconsistent stretching and shrinkage of torsion and deflection


        1, increase the bending stress

        2, the correction process was added

        3, to ensure that line and bending angle

        Question 12: cutting the workpiece down deflection

        Reason: cut about two straight edges to open, appears at the bottom of the workpiece deflection


        1, improving the product structure

        2, cut to increase process production, cut connecting, bending and then cut the process variable

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