The tips of sheet metal welding&bending.

1.Small V fold large angle, large V pressure. Internal bending shape of the workpiece is limited, this method processing.

2. Plus gasket bending:

   For small and high processing requirements, using this processing method, as follows:

a. Select shim thickness of the workpiece plate thickness is better.

B. When V groove is selected, it is calculated by two plate thicknesses.

3.  When the hole bending pull material after processing can be bent before reaming process.

4.  In the square hole bending pull material, can be used simple mold secondary processing.

5. L special processing fold: using feed bend after bend the excess material removed (secondary processing).

   6. The package bending.

Sub-material bending and bending the inner bag, as shown below:

Package to start bending the corner pad slots so crowded no material deformation processing.

Package bending ==> first bend, after A, B bending C;

Outer material bending = => first bending C, bending A, B.

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