What are the characteristics of tool steel?

        Tool steel is all used in the manufacture of various tools of steel general. Tools with a wide range of steel, the performance requirements are difference, the same kinds of steel production of different tools, outstanding performance requirements are not the same.

        Mechanical properties of tool steels
(1) Strength
        Strength refers to the tools, molds, measuring tools, fixtures in use, the role of resistance to external forces without the ability to destroy. Due to the different forms of force and the state, the tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength requirements are not the same.
(2) fatigue strength
        Fatigue strength refers to the ability of the tool to fail under repeated reciprocating loads for long periods of time. Fatigue strength is an important indicator of mold and fixture life assessment.
(3) hardness
        Hardness refers to the ability of a tool to resist the intrusion of a harder object into its interior when in use. To ensure the toughness of the premise, should try to improve the hardness of the tool. However, for tools, tools and other tools, not the higher the hardness the better. A tool that is to be used under certain conditions should theoretically have an optimum hardness. Many people have such personal experience, hardness is too high or too low, tool or die life is not high, only in a very small hardness range, the tool will have a high life expectancy.
(4) Plasticity
        Plastic refers to the use of tools in the process, the occasional local permanent deformation without breaking the ability to break. From the engineering application point of view, in order to ensure the accuracy of the parts to be produced in mass production, a tool or mold requires no excessive plastic deformation in use, except that it requires a high dimensional accuracy. The plasticity of the tool is important for the safety of its use. Tools in the case of good plasticity, the use of occasional overload during the process can also avoid sudden rupture, to a certain extent, to ensure the safety of use.
(5) toughness
        Toughness is a more important indicator for tool steels, especially for tools subjected to large impact loads. Toughness can be measured by impact toughness and fracture toughness. Impact toughness is the raw material or tool in the impact load, the ability to resist brittle fracture. Fracture toughness is a mark with a certain defect of the material has the actual carrying capacity, that is, the specimen's fracture toughness that has its own resistance to crack propagation of the size.

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