Several Kinds of Common Appearance Bad Classification in Metal Bending

1. Scratch
        The first picture, which is the phenomenon we generally call scratches, produce this phenomenon because there are two cases, one is the punch fillet radius is too small, the second is the bending gap is too small.If like the picture above In the side of the product has been significantly thinner, then we can certainly be caused by bending gap is too small, then we just bend the punch and the bending of the block or the template gap to make the appropriate adjustments to You can.
        The gap of the punch can be worn away a little while the special time, our products may not allow a slight edge of bending, this time we have to consider the mold design with the form of roller with the mold.
2. Indentation
        The second picture above is obvious indentation, there may be three reasons:
        (1)There is scrap in the mold.
        (2)The fillet radius of the lower die is too small.
        (3)Die surface finish is too low.
        Found the reason, as long as we correspond to the modified just fine.
3. Cracks
        The third picture is the product crack, the cause of this phenomenon is the material exceeds the bending limit. Repair methods are the following:
        (1)To change the stamping direction of the material, there will be a burr side of the punch, can reduce the cracking phenomenon.
        (2)Increase the radius of the punch fillet, but this will change the size of the product.
        (3)Change the forming direction to the material rolling direction perpendicular or at an angle of 45. At some point, when we press the parallel material rolling direction, the cracking phenomenon will increase.
        (4) Increase the product annealing process. Generally less than a last resort, will not do so, because the increase in cost is too high!

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